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 Popularly known by the stage name as XXXTentacion or Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy was an American singer, songwriter, and rapper. The American musical artist started his career through the musical platform SoundCloud in 2013. Four years later XXX released his first official album called ’17’, followed by his second album ‘?’. Which both secured a whopping top place at the USA Billboard top 200 charts in 2018. 

Unfortunately, after the release of his second album he was murdered near the location of RIVA Motorsports. The artist was fatally shot several times in his own vehicle, and left behind his legacy, music and a son called Gekyume. You can learn more about his son in this article.

It is not only his music artwork that gives him his infamous name and popularity, but it is also his unique body art. All of XXXs different and distinctive tattoos is also something that set him apart from other rappers and singers. It is in remembrance of him and his work that we have gathered this article to pay tribute to him, and encourage his fans to learn more about all of XXXs tattoos.

So if you are a XXX fan and want to learn more about the artist, then keep on reading!

1. ‘VR with dots’ Tattoo

majin tattoo

This tattoo is located on x’s inner left forearm. As he himself has been a member of the VR all star-members only, he got himself this tattoo on the inside of his left forearm. He also has this exact VR tat on his abs to the right side.

2. Run Tattoo

run tattoo

Present on his left hand in the right finger, this word was tattooed on him due to quite mysterious reasons. One of which we may now never know. It has conspired that it may be due to him wanting to run away from facing his problems that he has underwent his whole life.

Which could be why he wanted to ink this word onto his finger.

3. Symbols Tattoo

symbols tattoo

Some of the many tattoos XXX has on his hand, are these symbols. There are almost four of these, also on the same left hand as before.

One of which is a sad smiley face, a III, a heart and an X inked on his fingers. While we don’t know exactly what the meaning behind these symbols are, XXXtentacion has said in an interview that, “Every tattoo on me is a story, I don’t have a pointless tattoo”.

4. Transmutation Circle Tattoo

Now this is a rather more unique tattoo, places on the inside of his hand on the right palm. XXXTentacion had a high interest in pseudoscience. It expresses the science of turning mundane elements into gold. Which is why he got this transmutation circle tattooed on his palm.

He was a huge fan of Alchemy and hence, added this as a part of his body art collection. It is also said that this intrest sparked when he would watch anime, Fullmetal Alchemist.

5. WRAC Tattoo

This tattoo is placed aboved his knuckles on the right hand. It is a tattoo dedicated and paid to as a tribute to Cinthia. Inked to show the appriciation for her always being by xxx’s side, the tattoo itself stands for, Wing Ridden Angel Cinthia.

Cinthia was xxxtentacions first love and he simply would not let himself forget about him. He even wrote a song dedicated to her on his album in 2017, called ‘Im Alone, Im Sorry Cinthia’


WRAC tattoo

In respect to the above tattoo, this tattoo is also related to his lover. It is said to describe such a human being that is so, like an angel, they just come without wings.

7. VR Tattoo

vr tattoo

This tattoo, as mentioned is on his right side to the abs. The word VR stands for ‘Very rare’. It comes from ‘Members only’ where he met all the VR stars.

8. Theatre Masks Tattoo

forearm tattoo

Tattooed on his upper right arm. The interpertation of this tattoo is that, the symbol of the mask is easily one of the most well known greek mythological icons. it isnt just any mask symbol, it is a the infamous mask of comedy and tragedy. It is a representative for creativity, arts and drama.

9. Dead Tattoo

dead tattoo

Present on his left hand, just below the knuckles, this tattoo reeks of sadness considering the rappers unfortunate death. This ink speaks of his depression and the phase of his life where by he believed he was betrayed by everyone in his life.

10. KILL me Tattoo

kill me

Right below his Dead Tattoo is this tattoo called ‘Kill Me’. This tat is easily the one where xxx was at his lowest phase of life and had hit rock bottom. It could be said to be due to his depression which is why he inked this on his hand.

While others conspire, that it could be due to his admiration towards Tyler. As a similar kind of tattoo can be seen on Tylers hand in the Yonkers music video back in 2011.

11. Star Tattoo

There is no straight explaination or meaning behind why XXXtentacion got this star tattoo or why he got it right on his nose. But people and his loyal fans conspire to it as, it could be to pay homage to his ex girlfriend, Geneva. Who would usually call herself as the ‘Lonley Star’.

12. Leafless tree Tattoo

“Leafless tree, without restraint and no burden in attachment”, is what xxxtentacion said to a comment on his Instagram asking for more information behind this tattoo.

XXX has said to be very spiritual. And this tattoo held that energy as well. It could also be realted to Wicca and Witchcraft, a religion that was attempting to study and learn. Whereby the tree of life gives birth to a bridge between Earth and the Divine.

13. Alone Tattoo

forever damaged tattoo

Placed right above his left eyebrow, is this tattoo. It is pretty self explanatory. XXXtentacion was asked once about this very specific tattoo and why he decided to get this, to which he replied,

“Alone is the biggest concept for me. Alone is literally my idolization. People whether they are in relationships or among thousand people, you are still alone. Your lies are not known to the people. Your sins are not known to the people. Nobody knows your story, nobody knows your feelings, and therefore nobody really understands you. Hence, we are all alone.”

14. Ankh Cross Tattoo

Tattooed right in the middle of his chest is this ankh cross tattoo. It also has a history behind it related to God.

The ankh cross symbol itself is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic ideograph, which is a symbol for life. Although some belief that this tattoo hold satanic values, XXX disagreed.

15. Cleopatra

cleopatra tattoo

Also inked on his chest, is this rather simply written Cleopatra tattoo. Cleopatra was the name of XXX’s mother. Despite having a rather rough childhood, Jahseh says he holds no blame on his mother.

It was confirmed, that he as a 6 year old tried to stab a man and ‘bite his flesh’ in order to remove the man from beating his mother. Showing how strong of a bond the both had.

16. Clock tattoo

clock tattoo xxxtentacion

In the rappers own words, “Time is precious, do not waste it”.

This tattoo was a reminder of this saying, and to constantly remember this, he had it tattooed on the left side of his face.

17. Remember To Remeber Tattoo

XXXtentacion once confessed to the meaning behind this tattoo. Inked on the right side of his neck, he said:

“Remember who you are, where you came from, and stay in touch with your true self. Everything thats happened to you, your experience, is what makes you, you”.

Indeed XXX, indeed.

18. Elephant Tattoo

elephant tattoo xxxtentacion

One of his major and most publically visible tattoo is the elephant tattoo.

Elephants tend to be passive all the while being aggressive when provoked, and XXXtentacion believed he felt the same too. Which is why he got this tattoo.

While other fans say, it could be related to his girlfriend. For he once posted a video of her on social media with the caption saying, “Shes an elephant, my elephant, look the elephant on my neck is here”.

19. Numb Tattoo

numb tattoo

Right below his right eye is the tattoo, ‘Numb’. As said several times before, XXXtentacion faced a difficult life. Not only did he had a rough childhood, his adulthood was not as kind to him either. Which resulted to all of the meaning behind these tattoos.

He was met with constant betrayl and dissapointments, and his only resort was to act numb in order to cope with all of this depression and negativity around him. And it is because of this, that we think he got this tattoo in red and right below his eye. As a constant reminder of what emotion he should stay in.

20. Broken heart tattoo

broken heart tattoo

A part of his several other face tattoos and body art is this unique yet meaningful tattoo. A broken heart on the upper left side of his cheek, right on his cheekbone/temple.

As the singer, song writer and rapper had seen alot in his life. This was also a tattoo that was caused as a result of all the hardships he faced. At the age of 17, his life turned upside down. He was abandoned by his lover, and was overwhelmed with heartbreak.

He always thought of himself as someone who would always get his heartbroken, and would stay this way forever. Which is why he got this tattoo.

21. 17 tattoo

17 tattoo

Name of his infamous, and first official album was ’17’. It hit all US charts and topped the US billboard top 200. This album holds a very close place in XXX’s heart, he said,

“My sanity left me when i was 17, my heart broke beyond repair when i was 17, i realized the pain is and always will be a cycle when i was 17”.

22. Crescent moon tattoo

crescent moon tattoo xxx

In a religion that XXXtentacion was learning called Wicca and Witchcraft, the crescent moon is also known as, ‘The Mother, The Maiden, and The Crone’.

It represents the phases of the moon, and the passage of time. From the moment we are born to the day we day, the life cycle and its changing phases.

23. FVCK PVRRP tattoo

Tattooed on the inner right side of his right wrist, which was his dominant hand. The interpretation of this tattoo is that the rapper XXXTentacion and Spaceghost Purpp had a fued publically, after which the rapper released two diss tracks against Purpp called ‘#Im Sipping Tea In Yo Hood’ and ‘Space Ghost Pu***’

Although it is not clear to a lot of people why they got into a public despute at all, keeping in mind that they made two tracks together previously. But others tend to speculate that it is related to the drama that Purpp had with A$AP Rockey and the things he had said about A$AP Yams after his death.

24. Loyalty tattoo

loyalty tattoo

XXXTentacion believed that loyalty was a very close aspect that he aims to look for in people. Which is why he got this tattoo across the bottom of his jaw towards the left.

Other fans speculate it is a tattoo he got after his girlfriend, who some believe was not loyal to him and left him broken hearted. Resulting in him getting into depression.

25. Lines tattoo

While it may look odd, these are four tribal styled lines across the bridge of his nose. Another one of many of his face tattoos.

It simply represents a balance of life.

26. Death before dishonor tattoo

death before dishonor tattoo

Also a part of his several unique and distinctive face tattoos, is this death before dishonor tattoo. It it too pretty self explainatory, it talks about showing loyalty to his friends. Similar to his loyalty tattoo.

That he would rather die than suffer insult to his honor.

27. Cry baby tattoo

xxxtentacion without tattoo

Written in bold and in borders is this tattoo called CRY BABY. It is a tattoo present on XXXTentacions outer right wrist. This is a common tattoo between both the rapper XXX and Lil Peep.

Despite the fact that xxx didnt share publicaly what the tattoo means for him, Lil Peep however did. In his words, it meant, “

I definitely think the planet is very sad…and i think a lot of people are very ungrateful which is another big problem. Thats why i got the cry baby tat on my face. I got a humogous tattoo that says cry baby to keep be grateful and remind me not to be a cry baby. I see it everytime i look in the mirror, to remind me that im blessed”.

28. Bad vibes tattoo

bad vibes tat

This tattoo has a rather unique and rare placement. With the word ‘bad’ written on his right eyelid, and ‘vibes’ on the left eyelid.

In his own words, XXXTentacion said, “When you see someone and you immediately judge them, those are the people i wanna attract. I dont wanna attract people who look at me and think im an idiot due to how i look”.

29. Bad vibes fvr

bad vibes fvr

This tattoo represents the name of a movement he started. Taking inspiration from the musical group ‘Teen suicide’, this movement held a close place in the rappers heart considering he is the one who gave birth to it.

Despite the leader of the band, Sam Ray included the rapper in a discussion he had about Soundcloud rappers being scumbags. It didnt affect XXX, or atleast he didnt show it did publicly.

This tattoo is also a part of his arm tattoos, places on his inner left forearm.

30. Aiden tattoo

Another part of XXX’s arm tattoos is this aiden tattoo. Aiden is Jahsehs brothers name. This tattoo and the ‘Cleopatra’ tattoo is one of the first tattoos he ever got.

Cleopatra, his mother and Aiden, his brother are the two sole beneficiaries to the rappers estates, according to a will he signed in 2017.


Although the rapper XXXTentacion has passed away, his legacy, his music and his art continues to pass on and accel. Fans across the globe continue to mourn the loss of another great singer, song writer and their favorite rapper.

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