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Late American singer, song writer and rapper XXXTentacion has been around in the music industry since 2014 to 2018. And it in these years alot changed, xxxtentacions net worth, how much money he made, his salay, record deals and so much more! To find out about all of the above information, keep on reading.


xxxtentacion salary

At the time of Jahseh Onfroys death in 2018 June, he was worth a whopping $5Million. Over with the passage of time, from 2014 his income and net worth was only going higher and higher up with his hit albums and music career excelling.


Although the rapper had been making Soundcloud music since forever, his debut and official album was released in 2017 called ‘Revenge‘. It was able to reach #21 in the Top Hip pop charts on the US billboard top 200 and #44 in Canada.

After the success of his first official album, he was motivated to release his second hit success album that was called Bad Vibes, and 17 by 2017. It was soon after this that in 2018, he came out with the album ‘?’ that was a huge success on the charts. Reaching a spectacular #1 on the US Billboard charts.

xxx net worth

But the climb and hustle did not stop there, XXXTentacion only continued to grow from here! He would go on to releasing more of his EPs in 2014 and 2016 called, ‘The Fall’, ‘Ice Hotel’, ‘Itwasntenough’ and ‘Willy Wonka Was A Child Murderer’.

Dark Side

XXXTentacion has also been arrested several times in his career. On a number of counts and charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, witness tampering, false imprisonment, aggravated battery of a pregnant victim, and so much more.

xxxtentacion worth

These charges took a heavy toll on not only XXXTentacion himself, but also his fan base, his family, his record deals, as well as his musical career. We see how much XXX’s music taste and style has changed from album to album according to the situation hes facing in his life. And this part of his life along with others, heavily impacted his album and music making process.

Record Deal

Despite the arrestation and charges, XXXTentacion was offered a record deal in late October 2017. Which was worth over $6Million in the contract. However, it wasn’t long after announcing that he had signed with such a record label. That he was then dropped out of the contract and terminated without any reason. Or any reason is known to the public at least.

After this, along with his house arrest. He pled through his lawyers to ease his house arrest in order for him to go on tour and meet his finances. This proved successful and he was able to be let off, however, he was met with the tragedy of his unfortunate death.


It was after his death that it was disclosed that, the rapper had signed a 10$ Million deal for his next album. But sadly he was unable to get working on that. With a deep archive of his music and songs, we all can simply hope that his music is released so the loyal fans and yet again enjoy listening to their favorite artist again.

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