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XXXtentacion hoodies

Xxxtentacion hoodies are one of the most crucial items in an outfit that everyone chooses wisely. One must spend some time while selecting the design, style, color, and brand of a rapper hoodie. The things that you get or supposed to spend a heavy amount on it must be attractive, stylish, updated and eye-catching.

Once you purchase and wear xxxtentacion bad hoodie everyone should ask you where you get it and how daring you look like in it.

The style and design of an outfit depict the clear picture of a man.

The history behind the XXXtentaction hoodies

Xxxtenaction went on revenge tour where he covered lots of media coverage and all media coverage was regarding aggressive accidents on a road or stage. It was the hype time when all of his team members wore iconic pieces of revenge clothing xxxtentacion jacket and kill hoodies. All these revenge clothing includes xxxtentacion sweatshirt, jacket, xxx tentacion hoodie, phone cases and many more. All stock is available on an Xxxtentacion Merch store for several months.

An artist named, Wehadnoidea published the artistic picture of xxxtentaction in 2017. He blamed that the revenge team has cheated with his art by putting his hand made designs on rip xxxtentacion hoodie and neither appreciated him nor giving him any credit or compensation in return for all this.

He accused that all xxxtentacion aspects were sold out on the same day as it was released. Revenge responded to me with scolding and harsh words while when I reach XXX he politely asked me how would I be compensated? But at the same time revenge deleted all pictures and cleared history from Instagram which was felt by the audience and it became a controversial issue.

Controversies affected the brand’s worth and trust level between the XXX and Garette.

After all, this happening, Garette’s made a post for hiring a new designer and he got Stephen. Still, he used to work with Stephen and is only the face that is known by the folks in revenge brand. He has never met Garettes in his life ever!

Long story short, it’s a story of the collaboration between music and style and the dilemma of being involved in failed relationships either in person or in business.

Revenge continued his journey to build rap fanbase outfits even after not being supported form X. But the fantasy is revenge earned more profit through apparel after the famous rebellious rapper’s death.
XXXtentacion hoodie specifications

Xxxtentaction apparel may come in fake version and there are tons of stores that have tried well to cope design and material of revenge brand. Beware of all these and keep some instructions in mind while purchasing hoodies on online stores.

3D Print

XXXtentacion hoodies come in printed 3D puff print technology that astonishes the beauty of the X. Xxxtentaction picture is printed in a square form in the center of the hoodies either at front-side or the backside.


Sleeves of the xxxtentacion hoodie engraved with a text and it’s about “Revenge is in creator’s hand”. All these letters are not in lowercase. If all letters are printed in lower case then it means you’re buying a fake hoodie. Beware at that time, it’s a fake piece!


Xxxtentacion sweater is featured with the waistband. In most sizes, the bad and somewhat the pockets are cut off to give a cropped look. Sometimes, such xxxtentacion hoodies are also known as crop hoodies.

Drawstring holes

The holes from which drawstring comes outside have a metal hole that demonstrates the brand’s worth and status. Revenge brand covers these holes with metal hoops while fake ones only have cuts or slits in the fabric. However, mostly xxx tentacion hoodie doesn’t have a string at all. All are not stringless but some of them are featured with no string.


Every xxxtentacion bad hoodie has a quote on the sleeve which is “Revenge is in creator’s hand”. If it’s not present over sleeve then hoodie is a fake one. It gives a pretty look and never gets its text dimmer or lighter if excessively worn out.

Hands-on back

printed hoodie

Every xxxtentacion item has a hand on the back either it’s a t-shirt or an xxxtentacion hoodie. Hand on the back guarantees the original piece of the brand. Look at the design and print carefully before purchasing the xxxtentacion merch hoodie!

Want to get XXXtentaction Hoodie!

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Contact numbers are also shared to avoid any inconveniences. Feel free to contact us and place your order by filling the desired fields only. You’re done with your order and now everything leaves on us.

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