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XXXtentacion shirts

Revenge is in the creator’s hand. It is the most encouraging, alluring and hopeful sentence that fills everyone with energy, enthusiasm, and passion. A man who has the skill, talent, and expertise in crafting anything can take revenge from others. You can’t let others laugh at your present situation. Make your skills, thoughts and visualizing power so strong that you left everyone behind your limit.

XXXtentacion was a famous hip-hop rapper who got fame on SoundCloud. He met with Garette and both worked for the Revenge brand together in such a way that the Xxxtentacion Merch brand launched apparel on his name called XXXtentacion shirts.

Let’s have a detailed view of the story:

xxx tentacion association with Revenge

XXXtentacion itself wasn’t a designer. He belonged to the music industry. He joined hands with a style and fashion industry’s man called Garette who lives in Los Angeles and is known as the owner of the Revenge brand. He doesn’t like to come up in front of the audience.

He preferred to remain behind the wall and still there isn’t a single picture of him in the form of xxxtentaction t-shirt that demonstrates his physical appearance.

Garette posted on his Instagram page that he is looking for an artist and sooner he launched Revenge brand in 2016. Xxxtentacion merch mostly known as a streetwear brand consisting of xxxtentacion photo tshirt,  revenge jackets, revenge hoodies, hoodies, etc. All these items featured unique designs and graphics.

Garette took advantage of upcoming talent and fame of XXXtentaction on SoundCloud and decided to greet hands with him. He did the same as it and sooner they were working together and Garette became successful in introducing unique rap t shirts on his Instagram pages.

Why is it named Revenge?

The brand’s name is revenge which has different perspectives and meanings. The real and short story behind its name is closely related to the owner of the brand whose name is Garette. Garette always wanted to take revenge on those with whom he didn’t spend good memories, and with those who made him feel guilty and insecure. For him, the revenge shirt’s success is the real revenge of those people.

XXXtentacion Shirt specifications

Garette is such a secretive person. He nerve comes online for FAQ sessions or collecting feedback from consumers. He doesn’t have a mortar and brick outfit in Los Angeles. He handles his business and stores online and comes on social media platforms with his face covered with a mask. So its xxxtentacion bad shirt includes two types that are demonstrated below:

Full sleeve shirts

His image is printed at the left lower corner and goes up to the middle of the shirt. It’s a blue colored filled image without boundaries and image seen to be printed in patches. Its fiber doesn’t wear out or break down.

At the backside, some words “WHAT IS REAL WILL PROSPER” in a vertical manner in the middle of the shirt is written. All words have been written in capital letters. Shirts in all sizes are available with flexible fittings.


x t-shirt

Garrett has been seen in xxxtentacion bad shirt once he came over Instagram live streaming. His designed xxxtentacion t-shirt are like normal tee-shirts with a difference is that the tee-shirt is printed with a text “REVENGE” at the breast. All words are printed in the capital and present an aggressive look. Xxxtentacion tshirt‘s color is full black with a blue color keyword Revenge printed over it.

If xxxtentacion jersey doesn’t have text then it would contain XXXtentaction’s image in the 3D format at the front side. On the backside, there is an image of a hand that gives an alarming sign to enemies.

How to wash XXXtentaction shirts

It’s very simple and easy to wash xxxtentaction shirts. If you use your washing machine for xxxtentaction shirts put it in low settings and flip the shirt inside. Use detergent in less quantity and wash it practically by itself.

If it’s not possible, wash them with other similar clothing which you feel confident will not ruin the color or fabric of your xxtentaction shirt. Don’t use bleach on sincerely xxx and iron them up to 110 Celsius temperature.

Make sure if it is a xxxtentacion photo tshirt, flip it inside out and wash it with other prints. Don’t wash it with jeans and jackets. Once it is washed hang it out either in the backyard or on the balcony to let it dry especially in sun. Treat it like you treat its value.

Prints may crack over time but you can use it for a prolonged time if being taken care of.
Just avoid washing as much as you can to maintain its shine and print.

What we have!

We, Xxxtentacio Merch, have a stock of different XXXtentacion shirts either you need a tee-shirt for summer or a sweatshirt for winter at XXXtentacion Merch store. Just place an order and let your dreams come true through us!

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