xxxtentacion revenge hoodie


xxxtentacion revenge hoodie

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  • White red
  • Black red
  • Blue red
  • Orange red
  • Pink red
  • Khaki red
  • Gray red
  • Dark Gray red
  • Red white
  • Black white
  • Blue white
  • Orange white
  • Pink white
  • Khaki white
  • Gray white
  • Dark Gray white
  • White black
  • Red black
  • Blue black
  • Orange black
  • Pink black
  • Khaki black
  • Gray black
  • Dark Gray black
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL


  • Material: Cotton and Polyester
  • Available Sizes:   S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Pattern Type: Print
  • Available Colors: Multi
  • Note: Please check the size chart before placing the order.

XXXtentaction Revenge Hoodies

Faith over what you wear to joy the art of dressing. It’s not about the Sizes, artistic designs, and prints you wear but the way you wear your size and carry it properly.

Who can wear the Xxxtentacion revenge hoodie?

Revenge hoodie is unisex, both male and female can wear without hesitation even kids can go for it. Friends wear and xxxtentacion hoodie to represent unity on a certain event or show. Wearing an xxxtentacion hoodie doesn’t mean you belong to a bad company or have been declared as a drug addict.

Specifications of Revenge hoodies

If you’re spending money, make sure to get a real piece instead of a fake one. Revenge hoodies are available in every size, color, and print. Some certain specifications of revenge hoodies available in Xxxtentacion Merch that are explained below:
– Revenge hoodie is printed with 3D puff print technology.
– Second, have a look on its sleeves. Sleeves are engraved with capital letters of “Revenge is in the creator’s hand” text.
– Some of them are crop hoodies featured with cut off pockets. Some of the revenge hoodie x have waistband.
– Revenge hoodie xxxtentacion has drawstrings that come outside from metal hoops. Fake xxxtentacion hoodies only have slits that look like metal hoops.
– Revenge official merch has a quote printed at sleeves, back or front. Revenge text has a specific pattern, style, and color.  Xxxtentacion hoodie revenge gives an annoying or aggressive look.

Why is it called Revenge?

When Garette posted on Instagram that he needs an artist then 18 years old Stephen Robinson contacted him and sent him his portfolio. After three days, he got an email that he has been selected for the position of the artist and has to work a full day for the Revenge.

Robinson recently graduated from Lawrence high school. Before joining the Revenge, Robinson used to live a life of under the radar high school student.

Robinson starts working with Garette and he doesn’t even know much about him as he has never met him face to face. They always collaborate over skype and phone.

The name of the brand Revenge is demonstrated by Robinson. He was an average student in his school and somewhat like nobody. He always thinks about how to grow in the community and how to be a rich person like every person plans to gain lots of money.

A time reached when Robinson was known by many millionaires and has built connections with a million followers people. So, he said I am getting revenge on everyone who didn’t make me feel special or think me like rubbish and nobody in society.

How to wash revenge hoodies?

Most of the time customers ponder over how to wash revenge hoodies? XXXtentacion Merch takes care of its customers and explains well how to wash your revenge hoodies by maintaining quality and print at its place. Always use cold water to wash a printed hoodie because it doesn’t ruin the fabric.

Don’t use bleach or some other hazardous detergents but mild detergents. Somehow, you can use stain remover if needed otherwise stay away. Turn hoodie inside out before wash and squeeze it. It prevents the hoodie from fading out its shine and protect its print.

Most Popular models of Revenge hoodies

black hoodie

Although revenge hoodies are those that are created with a REVENGE text either on the front or at the backside but the orange or red-on-black are real pieces.

XXXtentacion uses to wear these two most of the time and also known as kill hoodies. These two models are replicated in other colors too.
It is called a kill hand hoodie due to the print of a hand at the back giving a scary look.

Frequently Asked Answer Questions

  • What’s the difference between real and fake revenge hoodie?
  • Why it is called revenge?
  • What is a kill hand hoodie?

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White red, Black red, Blue red, Orange red, Pink red, Khaki red, Gray red, Dark Gray red, Red white, Black white, Blue white, Orange white, Pink white, Khaki white, Gray white, Dark Gray white, White black, Red black, Blue black, Orange black, Pink black, Khaki black, Gray black, Dark Gray black


S, M, L, XL, XXL

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