XXXtentacion Height

How many times do we stalk xxxtentaction on twitter and follow him on every social media channel to just get a clue about his height, or appearance? Sometimes, when we come across a group picture of our favorite star with his colleagues or co-star, we start estimating his height.

There’s no standard height measurement where our comparison ends. We proceed with our conversations with the words like “oh yeah he’s of mine height, what a similarity”. So, in the end, we conclude that the height of a man is equal to his outspread arms.

Forums are full of comments and questions where people want to know about the eye level of famous hip hop rapper and sad songwriter – xxxtentaction.


XXXTentacion was a young American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Florida who earned popularity in few years. He was born on January 23, 1998, and his real name was Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy.

He spent his childhood in youth programs and in Merch 2014 he succeeded to build his first track ‘Vice City’.

He was known by his nicknames Triple X, XXX, young Dracker Dick, or Xiller in the music industry.  You would’ve seen people wearing t-shirts or bag packs printing  XXX on them. To dive into details, check out our related articles of XXX bag packs and XXX hoodies, etc.

Without releasing full-fledged albums or assets in 2016, he managed to conquer the hearts of millions of people with his 3-4 compositions only. He became a notable and famous personality due to his song ‘LOOK AT ME’ that had millions of listeners on SoundCloud and still people are adoring it. His album 17 had been classified as 2nd largest album selected to be displayed on 200 US billboards.

If you’re tired of pondering that how tall was XXX then you’re in the right place. Here you’ll get to know about his height in every height standard measurement.

XXXtentacian Height in Inches

X’s height in inches is 66.41 which is more than the average height in this modern era. In some songs where XXX seems to be in a car showed that he’s a man of shorter height while on the other hand, he looks like an average height man.

Height in Centimeters

After knowing X’s height in inches who concerns about his height in centimeters? But I was shocked to see when people or his fans were curious to know about his eye level in centimeters. Hundreds and thousands of articles were published demonstrating X’s height in centimeters. So, in a nutshell, all publishers are agreed that his height in centimeters is 168.

Height in Meters

A lot of rappers are there who could legitimately swap out music with basketball. It means they’re blessed with such a tall height similar to their passion and success.

Who believes that a man who bursts of popularity during his short career is only 1.68 meters tall.

Height in feet

X’s music style included a mix of hip hop heavy metal, trap and R&B. XXX developed a substantial young following and his height in feet is 5.51 ft.

Height in feet + inches

After listening to X’s sad songs, the very next moment his fans type a query in the google search engine is “the life of XXX”? ‘how tall is X’? XXXtentacian is 5 ft and 6.14 in.


So, let’s jump into the various questions asked about xxxtentacian’s height:

1.) What was the height of xxxtentacion’s parents?

Not sure how tall X’s dad but his mom was a girl of an average height or maybe a little above according to the discussion on forums.

2.) Was xxxtentacion fonds of gaming?

Apart from music, he was fond of gaming and made a YouTube channel too where he reached 5.5 million subscribers.

Final Words

A man can’t control his height but can control the height of his accomplishments. No matter either it’s the music industry, Hollywood, or sports industry, shorter men rise above their taller counterparts.

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