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Gekyume Onfroy; A Gift to Cheerish

After the death of Xxxtentacion, the fans were shattered. The level of devastation was so much higher than it was unbearable.

However, the young fanbase thought that they will keep Xxxtentacion ‘s legacy alive. But fate has something superior planned. Yes, the birth of Xxxtentacion Gekyume Onfroy.

We have covered every detail here so none of the fans are left out.

Gekyume  Onfroy

Seven months later the rapper world had a gift in the form of the only child of Xxxtentacion. Cleopatra Bernard who is Gekyume ‘s mother brought this little gift to life. Gekyume birthday created another thrilling feeling among the fans, when he was born on January 26, 2019, exactly 3 days later from his father’s birthday. Let the tears roll down fans, we can feel this too. how old is xxxtentacion son

What is Gekyume full name, always causes curiosity. Considering the full name of his father Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, this is relatively small. Nonetheless, it has much deeper meaning that one could comprehend. who is Gekyume wrt his name? The hidden meaning is the next universe of thought. 

Baby Gekyume is mysterious just like his father. Gekyume Onfroy is the topic of research for the fans because of his middle name. Many have reported that the name is Gekyume Jahseh Dwyane Ricardo Onfroy, or else conundrum. What is Gekyume xname middle name will unfold sooner or later, all we are waiting for is for the boy to get young. 

Gekyume Onfroy Custody

Considering the fact when was Gekyume born and how is Gekyume in looks and personality we can say that he has very much common in with his father. 

Gekyume Onfroy is yet to fight another battle. what is Gekyume going through? Currently, Gekyume Onfroy mother and his grandmother are opposite each other in the courts. They are reported to fight over the custody of Gekyume Onfroy. Fans are also seeing predicting who will get to raise Gekyumes. 

xxxtentacion baby gekyume

When was Xxxtentacion son born both the families; Gekyume Onfroy dad’s side and mother’s side were happier. They were rejoiced to have a replica of Xxxtentacion’s. However, Gekyume baby soon became the subject of custody and visitation. Let’s see in which direction will this case turn. 

How tall is Xxxtentacion, what was his taste in music, and what he liked the most in food has a lot to say about what Gekyume  Onfroy will be in years!

Considering Gekyume age which is just 1 year and 4 months old, the fans are super excited to watch him grow and see what he becomes in his teen. It has been almost a year when Xxxtentacion died Fans are very disturbed to see why no one is talking about Cleo Onfroy.

It has become quite difficult to decide if we are thrilled for January 2021 or an emotional wave will cover us all at the end of January when is Xxxtentacion birthday and also Gekyume.


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